You asked: Can you create a bend in Solidworks?

How do you bend a part in Solidworks 2020?

To create a sheet metal part with round bends:

  1. Sketch a closed or open profile.
  2. Create a thin feature part. …
  3. Click Insert Bends. …
  4. In the PropertyManager, under Bend Parameters: …
  5. Under Bend Allowance, select from: Bend Table, K-Factor, Bend Allowance, Bend Deduction, or Bend Calculation.

How do you change the bend radius in Solidworks?

To edit the default bend radius, bend allowance or bend deduction, or default relief type: In the FeatureManager design tree, right-click Sheet-Metal and click Edit Feature . Under Sheet Metal Gauges, select Use gauge table, and select a table .

How do you use sheet metal in Solidworks?

To convert a solid part to a sheet metal part:

  1. Create the solid part.
  2. Click Convert to Sheet Metal (Sheet Metal toolbar) or Insert > Sheet Metal > Convert To Sheet Metal .
  3. In the PropertyManager, under Sheet Metal Gauges, set options if you want to use a gauge table: …
  4. Under Sheet Metal Parameters:

How do you draw a flat pattern in Solidworks?

Creating Drawings of Flat Patterns

  1. Open the sheet metal part for which you want to add a drawing.
  2. Click Make Drawing from Part/Assembly. …
  3. Select a format or click OK to use the default format.
  4. From the View Palette, drag the Flat pattern to the drawing sheet. …
  5. Click .
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How do you hide a bend line in Solidworks?

Hiding the bend lines also hides the sheet metal bend notes.

  1. In the FeatureManager design tree, expand Drawing View to show the Flat-Pattern. feature.
  2. Expand the Flat-Pattern. feature, right-click Bend-Lines and select Show or Hide.