Quick Answer: What elements can be copy monitored in Revit?

What can you copy monitor in Revit?

You can copy elements from a linked model to the current model, and monitor the elements for changes. Use the following procedure to copy grids, columns, walls, and floors (including related openings and inserts) for monitoring. To copy levels for monitoring, see Copy Levels for Monitoring.

Can you copy monitor rooms in Revit?

Levels: Use Copy/Monitor to copy levels from the origination model (typically the architectural model). … After linking the architectural model, open a view in the MEP model and select the linked model. Click Modify | RVT Links tab Element Properties panel Type Properties.

Can doors and windows be copied and monitored?

When monitoring walls, you can specify whether to monitor openings, including openings for doors and windows. When monitoring floors, you can specify whether to monitor floor inserts and openings, such as shafts. If you need to represent in-place elements from a linked model, copy and paste them between projects.

How do you copy and monitor levels in Revit?

Copy the levels for monitoring:

  1. Click Copy/Monitor tab Tools panel (Copy).
  2. In the linked model, select the levels to copy. To select multiple levels, on the Options Bar, select Multiple. Then select the levels in the drawing area, and click Finish on the Options Bar. …
  3. Click Copy/Monitor tab Copy/Monitor panel (Finish).
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How do I stop a monitor from Revit?

Click Multi-Select tab or Modify | tab Monitor panel (Stop Monitoring).

Which elements can be copied and monitored?

What Elements Can I Copy or Monitor?

  • Levels.
  • Grids (but not multi-segment grids)
  • Columns (but not slanted columns)
  • Walls.
  • Floors.
  • Openings.
  • MEP fixtures.

How do you transfer levels in Revit?

Move Levels

  1. In an elevation view, a section view, or a 3D view, select the level to move.
  2. Do one of the following: Drag the level up or down. On the Properties palette, for Elevation, enter a new value. Click a dimension length between levels, and enter a new value. Moving a level in a 3D view.

How do you copy a linked element in Revit?

Copy Elements from a Linked Model

  1. In the drawing area of a view of the host model, move the cursor over the element in the linked model.
  2. Press Tab until the element to copy is highlighted, and click to select it.
  3. Click Modify | RVT Links tab Clipboard panel (Copy to Clipboard).

What is bind link in Revit?

Use the Bind Link tool to select the elements and datum from a linked model to convert to a group. In the drawing area, select the linked model. Click Modify | RVT Links tab Link panel (Bind Link).