Quick Answer: How do you create a surface from polylines in Civil 3d?

Can you create a surface from polylines in Civil 3D?

You have successfully not only added in polyline contours, but you have also reordered the surface operations so that Civil 3D builds the surface in the correct sequence. Civil 3D makes it very easy to add in many different types of data to a surface; polylines is just one of them.

How do I change a polyline to a surface in Autocad?

To Convert Objects to Procedural Surfaces

  1. Click Modeling tab > Surface panel > Convert to Surface.
  2. Select the objects you want to convert and press Enter. You can convert 2D solids, meshes, regions, planar 3D faces, and polylines, lines, and arcs with thickness.

How do you create contours from polylines in Civil 3D?

Create a surface, open the definition tab, add the polylines (that have valid elevations) to the surface as Contour data. Note that contour data alone is not a preferred way to define a surface as breakline, point data and boundaries are absent and likely played a role in creating those polylines you call contours.

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How do you create a surface from DXF in Civil 3D?

Insert the DXF

  1. Start the INSERT command.
  2. Click on Browse to locate the DXF file.
  3. In the Select Drawing File dialog, change the file type to DXF.
  4. Select the DXF file you want to import and click Open.
  5. Origin should probably be 0,0,0, scale=1, rotation=0.
  6. Check the box for Explode.
  7. Click OK.

How do you create a surface in Civil 3D 2020?

Go to the Prospector tab in Toolspace and right click on Surfaces, select Create Surface. Alternatively, you can type CREATESURFACE at the command line. Either method will bring the Create Surface Dialogue Box up as shown below.

How do I add a surface to another surface in Civil 3D?


  1. On the Civil 3D Toolspace, click on “Prospector” tab.
  2. Right click on “Surfaces” and create a new surface.
  3. Expand the “Definition” subfeature for that new surface and right click on “Edits”.
  4. Click “Paste Surface” and choose the original surface.
  5. Change the new surface style to show points.

How do you make a solid line in Autocad?

Click on the ‘Home’ tab and go to the ‘Modify’ panel. Select the ‘Modify’ drop down and then select ‘Edit Polyline’ icon or on the command line type PEDIT and hit ‘Enter’. On the command line type M for ‘Multiple’ then select the polyline, spline, line, or arc to to be joined together and press ‘Enter’.

What is a surface in Civil 3D?

A surface definition is a collection of a surface build, data, and edit properties, as well as a list of the operations that you have performed on the surface. … The Definition collection under a surface in the Prospector tree provides access to the surface possible data and edit definition items.

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How do you show contours in Civil 3D?

To view surface contours, right-click on the surface, and click Edit Surface Style.

To Display Contours for Surface Stage Storage Volume Analysis

  1. Set Major Contours and Minor Contours to be visible.
  2. Optionally, set User Contours and Watersheds to be visible.
  3. Click OK.