Quick Answer: How do I change the camera angle in Solidworks motion?

How do I change camera settings in SolidWorks?

Changing Camera View Settings

  1. Double-click a camera in the Lights, Cameras, and Scene folder.
  2. Modify settings and click .

How do you zoom in motion study in SolidWorks?

Drag the time bar to a new position, past the start time. Drag the key point from the Orientation and Camera Views line to the time bar, and select Place Key. Do one of the following: Rotate, pan, or zoom the model to present the view of interest.

How do I use the camera in SolidWorks?

To add a camera view in SolidWorks, do the following:

Right-click “Camera” -> “Add Camera”:Select a vertex from the sketch for “Target by selection” and a line for “Position by selection” and set roll appropriately (typically 0). Increase “Field of View” angle to desired angle of view.

How do I save a camera view in Solidworks?

Saving Settings for Multiple Cameras

  1. In the Palette, on the Camera tab: Shift + click to select the cameras to save. Right-click and click Save to file.
  2. In the dialog box: Navigate to a folder. The default is SOLIDWORKS Visualize ContentCameras. Click Save.

How do you make a motion study in Solidworks?

You may right-click on the Motion Study tab to Create New Motion Studies. At the left upper corner side of the the MotionManager toolbar, pull-down and select Motion Analysis for the Type of Study. Left-click on the Motor icon in the MotionManager toolbar.

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How do I change the resolution of a visualize in Solidworks?

To change the resolution of the viewport, click Tools > Options > 3D Viewport and change the value for Maximum Resolution.

How do I turn off the camera in Solidworks?

To disable view orientation in an animation: Right-click Orientation and Camera Views in the MotionManager design tree and select Disable View Key Creation.

How do I delete a camera in Solidworks?

Modifying Camera Views

  1. In the DisplayManager, under Scene, Lights, and Cameras, expand the Camera folder, right-click the camera and clear Lock Camera.
  2. In the Camera PropertyManager, clear Lock camera position except when editing.