Question: How do I activate mold tools in Solidworks?

How do you make a mold of an object in Solidworks?

How creat mold in SolidWorks?

  1. First of all add Mold tool command. Open existing part.
  2. Add Scale. Scale depend on material you use. …
  3. Create Parting line. …
  4. Shut Off Surfaces, this close all gaps.
  5. Create Parting Surface. …
  6. Create Core and Cavity by Tool Split. …
  7. Enter value of Core and Cavity. …
  8. First Result.

What is solidworks mold tools?

The Mold Tools toolbar provides tools for creating mold tooling (cores, cavities, etc.) Mold analysis tools are used by designers of molded plastic parts and by designers of the mold tools used to manufacture those parts. Parting lines lie along the edge of the molded part, between the core and the cavity surfaces.

How do you make a mold in Solidworks 2019?

You can create simple molds using the Cavity tool.

Cavity PropertyManager

  1. Optional: Insert the design parts and the mold base into an interim assembly.
  2. In the assembly window, select the mold base, and click Edit Component on the Assembly toolbar. …
  3. Click Cavity on the Mold Tools toolbar, or click Insert > Mold > Cavity.
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Where is the mold tool in Solidworks?

To enable the SOLIDWORKS Mold Tools interface, right click on the Features tab (or any Command Manager tab) in the command manager and select “Mold Tools”. This will activate the Mold Tools tab.

Where are mold tools in Solidworks?

The Mold Tools toolbar provides tools for creating mold tooling (cores, cavities, etc.) Search ‘Mold Tools Toolbar’ in the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base.

What diseases are caused by mold?

These conditions include asthma (either newly diagnosed or worsening of existing asthma), the lung conditions called interstitial lung disease and hypersensitivity pneumonitis, sarcoidosis, and recurring cold-like symptoms, sinus infections, and hoarseness.

What is Mould tool?

The mould tool is the key component in the injection moulding of plastic: It provides a passageway for molten plastic to travel from the injection cylinder (barrel) to the mould cavity. It allows the air which would be trapped inside when the mould closes to escape. … It cools the moulding until it sets.

How do you split a core and cavity in Solidworks?

Open a part containing a core surface body, a cavity surface body, and a parting surface body. Select a face or plane that is perpendicular to the direction of pull. The selected face or plane is used to define a sketch outline that splits the core and cavity segments. Click Tooling Split (Mold Tools toolbar).

How do you fill cavities in Solidworks?

SOLIDWORKS make this an easy process even if the part is complex.

Filling a Mold Cavity Using Combine

  1. Open the mold assembly in SOLIDWORKS.
  2. Insert Components > New Part. Select a reference plane i.e. Top plane. Exit out of the sketch command.
  3. Insert > Features > Join. Group select all of the parts of the assembly.
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How parting line for a mold is selected?

Selecting a parting line is an important part when designing plastic injection molds. … When the mold body is closed, the contact surface of the cavity and core plates makes a parting line. Usually the parting line of the mold is perpendicular to the mold opening direction of the injection molding machine.

Where is the split feature in SolidWorks?

You can create separate part files, and form an assembly from the new parts. You can split one or more solid or surface bodies. To split a surface, the Trimming Surface must extend past the boundaries of the surface to split. Click Split (Features toolbar) or Insert > Features > Split.

What does split line do in SolidWorks?

tool projects an entity (sketch, solid, surface, face, plane, or surface spline) to surfaces, or curved or planar faces. It divides a selected face into multiple separate faces. You can split curves on multiple bodies with one command.