How does 3D printed houses work?

Can you live in a 3D printed house?

3D printed homes are similar to traditionally built concrete houses in a variety of ways. … It’s important to remember that 3D printed houses need to meet local state laws and regulations. In other words, these homes are required to be up to code in order to live in, like any other home.

What material is used in 3D printed houses?

There are a variety of 3D printing methods used at construction scale, with the main ones being extrusion (concrete/cement, wax, foam, polymers), powder bonding (polymer bond, reactive bond, sintering), and additive welding.

Are 3D-printed houses made of plastic?

Recycled and other plastics

Interior of GAIA 3D printed house located in Italy developed by WASP. Photo curtesy of WASP. That’s right, houses made from plastic! … Likewise, there is work ongoing in 3D printing buildings with bioplastics.

How much does a 3D printer that can print a house cost?

A construction 3D printer can cost anywhere between around $180K to over $1M.

Can I buy a 3D printed house in the US?

A growing number of U.S. companies are now offering homes built with three-dimensional, or 3D printing technology. The companies say 3D printers can build homes faster, for a lot less money, and in a much more environment friendly way than traditional building methods.


How much does an icon 3D printed house cost?

The cost of construction comes out to be around $15,000 for a small sized house (single bedroom). $20,000-25,000 for a medium sized house (two bedroom). And around $50,000 for a large sized 4 bedrooms house.