How do you control a shadow in SketchUp?

What happens when you triple click a face in SketchUp?

Double-clicking an edge gives you that edge plus all the faces that are connected to it. When you triple-click an edge or a face, you select the whole conglomeration that it’s a part of.

Where are shadow settings in SketchUp?

Select View > Shadows. This enables the Shadows feature. Select Window > Shadows to open the Shadow Settings dialog box Open the Shadows panel in the Default Tray, where you can control how the shadows appear.

Can you extrude multiple faces in SketchUp?

There is a Plugin of course. If we want to extrude (push/pull) a lot of faces the same distance, we might use the default SketchUp Push Pull tool, but it might take very long if we have a lot of faces. … The result will be all the faces extruded the same distance.

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