How do you color in Autodesk?

Is there a color picker in SketchBook?

The Color Puck in SketchBook Pro Desktop

To change the hue, tap the center of the puck. This opens the Color Wheel and Color Picker. It also provides access to Transparent Color, as well as the Color and Gradient (if Flood Fill is selected) palettes.

How do you color in Autodesk SketchBook on IPAD?

Using the Color Picker in SketchBook Pro Mobile

  1. Do either of the following: Tap and hold on the screen until the cursor changes to . In the Color Editor, tap The cursor changes to .
  2. Tap-drag the Color Picker. over a color to select it.

Where are the colors in Autodesk SketchBook?

In the bottom toolbar, with a brush already selected, tap either a preset color or the color swatches icon to access more colors, then select a color.

Does SketchBook have CMYK?

Sketchbook is only working in RGB mode and cannot be switched to CMYK.

What tool is Autodesk used to make an exact copy of an image?

On the Edit menu, select Copy, or press CTRL + C .

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