How do I move a sketch in Catia v5?

How do you sketch in Catia V5?

To draw a sketch, you need to invoke the Sketcher workbench in the Part Design workbench or in the Assembly Design workbench. To invoke the Sketcher workbench, choose the Sketch button from the Sketcher toolbar and then select a plane on which you need to draw the sketch.

How do I reorder features in Catia V5?

Position your cursor on Pad. 2 . and select Edit > Pad. 2 object > Reorder

You can reposition them:

  1. After a feature you select (default option)
  2. Before a feature you select.
  3. Inside a body, a solid body or a geometrical set. In this case, the feature is repositioned at the bottom position within the feature list.

How do I align parts in Catia?

Aligning Objects

  1. Double-click the item (e.g., a tool) that you want to align. …
  2. On the Layout Tools toolbar, click the black arrow on Align Side. …
  3. Select the icon for the type of alignment you want to perform: …
  4. Define the plane to use as a reference for alignment.

What is the the origin in a sketch?

The model origin represents the (0,0,0) coordinate of the model. When a sketch is active, a sketch origin represents the (0,0,0) coordinate of the sketch.

How do you change the plane of a sketch in Catia?

Select the Sketch1. object -> Change Sketch Support command. Select the replacing plane.

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Can you hide a specification tree?

10. Is it possible to hide specification tree? Yes, with help of F3 button, but the option in Tools command must be checked to allow this.

How do you reorder geometric sets in Catia?

Moving a Geometrical Set to a New Body

  1. From the specification tree, select the geometrical set then choose the Geometrical Set. object > Change Geometrical Set… …
  2. Select the Destination body where the geometrical set is to be located. Here we selected GeometricalSet. …
  3. Click OK to move the geometrical set to the new body.