How do I insert a model into LayOut in SketchUp?

How do I import a SketchUp model into LayOut?

To send a model from SketchUp to LayOut, follow these steps:

  1. In SketchUp, click the Send to Layout button. The LayOut application opens.
  2. Select a LayOut template for your document. Your model opens in LayOut as a Sketchup viewport.

How do you view LayOut in SketchUp?

How to Include SketchUp Model Views in LayOut Documents

  1. In SketchUp, create a scene for each view of your model that you want to show in your LayOut document.
  2. In LayOut, navigate to the page where you want to insert a viewport. …
  3. Insert a SketchUp model viewport: …
  4. Associate a scene with your model viewport.

Does SketchUp free have LayOut?

SketchUp Make is the free, not for commercial use version of SketchUp. among other things, it does not include LayOut and never has. If all you need is to make 2D drawings, there are a number of different 2D drawing applications out there.

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