How do I import IMX files into Civil 3D?

How do I import IMX into Civil 3D?

To import an IMX file

  1. At the command line, enter IMX_IMPORT.
  2. Select the IMX file to import and click Open.

How do you use IMX?

You can use IMX files to exchange data with Autodesk InfraWorks 360.

To export an IMX file

  1. On the Output tab, on the Export panel, click Export IMX Find.
  2. Specify the path for the writable folder.
  3. Specify the IMX version. The file is saved using the naming format <drawing name>. imx in the specified folder.

How do I import IMX to InfraWorks?

To import Autodesk IMX data

  1. Click Add File Data Source.
  2. Click Autodesk IMX.
  3. Open the file you exported.
  4. Select the feature classes to import. Each feature class will appear under its respective category in the Data Sources list. For example, imported surfaces will appear under Terrain.

How do I create an IMX file?

To export data to IMX

  1. Make sure the data layers you want to include in the export are set to visible in the Model Explorer. …
  2. Zoom out to see the area to export.
  3. Click Present/Share Share (Export IMX).
  4. In the Export To IMX dialog box, specify the area to export:

What is IMX file?

Map file used by iMindMap, a mind mapping application that helps users organize their ideas; contains a map of the user’s central idea, which may include branches, text, flowcharts, and sketches. To create an IMX file, select File → New or click “New Mind Map” after you open the application.

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What is InfraWorks?

Infraworks is one of the most used software in a BIM environment for the planning and design of infrastructure projects. This Autodesk tool is a great ally in BIM workflows, offering collaborative work options in the cloud, process automation and collaboration with other platforms.

What are sentiment indicators?

What Is a Sentiment Indicator? A sentiment indicator is designed to represent how a group feels about the market or economy. These market psychology-based indicators attempt to quantify sentiment, in the form of figures or graphically, to predict how current beliefs and positions may affect future market behavior.

How do I open IMX in InfraWorks?

Open Autodesk Civil 3D, and on the Autodesk InfraWorks tab, click Open Model or Import IMX. in the Open InfraWorks Model dialog. Specify an InfraWorks model to open. You can select a local InfraWorks model by selecting a SQLITE file, or you can select an IMX file that was exported from InfraWorks.