Can I change my Autodesk ID?

How do I change my Autodesk account to a student account?

On the Get Products page on the Autodesk Education Community, click Get Started. Follow the on-screen instructions to enter basic information about your school and yourself. When prompted to select your education role, choose one of the following: Choose Student to use the software on your personal device.

How do I change my business name on Autodesk?

How to Change your Company Name & Address for your Autodesk…

  1. Download the Company Address or Name Change Form (PDF).
  2. Complete the form electronically and then print, or print the form and complete it offline.
  3. Sign the form. …
  4. Fill in the required fields in the form below to open a support request.

How do I change my username in AutoCAD?

Right-click in the drawing area, and choose Options. On the System tab, change the entry listed under User Name.

How do I find my Autodesk ID?

If you log in successfully with an email address, your Autodesk ID will be listed in the Profile section of your Autodesk Account. I forgot my password: Visit page, enter your email address, and click Next. Then click the Forgot? link.

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How do I edit my Autodesk profile?

Update your profile

  1. Access your profile and settings by clicking the appropriate link below: Personal information: Update your name, photo, contact details, professional information, and more. …
  2. Click the edit icon next to the appropriate setting and follow the on-screen instructions. …
  3. Make your changes and click Save.

Does Autodesk verify student status?

Yes. Autodesk is rolling out the requirement for customers to verify eligibility to access Autodesk products with an Educational license, globally, over the coming months.

How do I change my Autodesk country?

To change location and Mobile number in the Autodesk Building Ops from Mobile Phone:

  1. Launch Building Ops app.
  2. Click “All Contacts” from the “All Buildings” page.
  3. Click on your name in the list.
  4. Click “Edit.”
  5. Change or edit phone number and address.
  6. Click “Done” to save.

How do I delete my Autodesk account?

How to delete your account

  1. Sign in to your account at
  2. Click Start deletion under Delete account and data.
  3. Review the alternative actions to make sure you want to delete the account and not limit emails, turn off auto-renew, delete a user, or cancel a trial.

How do I change my Autodesk password?

How to change your password

  1. Sign in to your account at
  2. Click the edit icon in the Password field.
  3. Enter the current and new password, then click Save.

How do I change the date in AutoCAD?


  1. On the command line, enter FIELD.
  2. From the Field Category drop-down list, select Other.
  3. From the Field Names drop-down list, select System Variable.
  4. From the System Variable drop-down list, select Date.
  5. From the Examples drop-down list, select the desired Date format.
  6. Click OK and place the field.
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