Best answer: Where is solidworks utilities located?

How do I access utilities in Solidworks?

SOLIDWORKS File Utilities can be accessed by right-clicking on a SOLIDWORKS file in File Explorer. File Utilities can also be accessed from the search tab in the SOLIDWORKS task pane. To access this, select files and models in the search command found in the upper right corner of your screen.

How to download SOLIDWORKS File Utilities?

You can install SOLIDWORKS File Utilities from the Installation Manager, the Administrative Image Options Editor, and its own installation wizard. It is also available from

How to find Where a part is used in SOLIDWORKS?

To find where a document is used:

  1. Select the document in the File Explorer tab in the left pane.
  2. Select the Where Used tab in right pane. Information about referenced documents appears in the following columns: Document. Lists the document names. Full path. Size. Type.

How to access SOLIDWORKS Explorer?

To activate the SOLIDWORKS Explorer:

  1. From within the SOLIDWORKS application, click Tools > SOLIDWORKS Explorer.
  2. From the Windows Start menu, click All Programs > SOLIDWORKS version > SOLIDWORKS Explorer version .
  3. Create a shortcut by dragging the SOLIDWORKS Explorer icon to your desktop.
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What are solidworks utilities?

SOLIDWORKS Utilities is a set of tools that lets you examine in detail the geometry of a solid model, and make comparisons to other models. … Compares the properties of two SOLIDWORKS documents (including two configurations of the same model). You can compare two documents of the same type, or of different types.

How do I move a Solidworks file?

To rename, replace, or move a SOLIDWORKS document: In File Explorer or in the SOLIDWORKS Task Pane File Explorer, right-click a SOLIDWORKS document and click SOLIDWORKS > Rename, Replace, or Move.

What is solidworks manage client?

SOLIDWORKS Manage is an advanced, record-based data management system that extends the global file management and application integrations enabled by SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional to include a comprehensive set of capabilities that you can use and distribute to many areas of your business.

What is solidworks PCB viewer?

SOLIDWORKS PCB Viewer 2019 is available from the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal Free CAD Tools download. This free viewer allows views and reviews of native SOLIDWORKS PCB designs and projects for review and collaboration with all the members of your electronics design team.

Where is my Solidworks Explorer 2020?

SOLIDWORKS Explorer was replaced by SOLIDWORKS File Utilities in 2020 and can now be accessed quickly with a simple right click in Windows File Explorer.

Does solidworks 2020 have Solidworks Explorer?

SOLIDWORKS 2020 has retained critical functionality from SOLIDWORKS Explorer, and has discontinued the SOLIDWORKS Explorer application.

How do I restore a solidworks Shortcut Key in Windows Explorer?

To restore file associations for 2020 SP03 or newer:

  1. 1) Right-click on the SolidWorks application and choose “Run as Administrator”
  2. 2) Once open, go to System Options>General and click on the large “Restore File Associations” button.
  3. 3) Once you have done that, open Window’s Explorer and choose a SolidWorks part file.
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How do I rename a Solidworks file in Windows Explorer?

In SOLIDWORKS Explorer, on the File Explorer tab in the left pane, select a document, then click SOLIDWORKS Rename or SOLIDWORKS Replace on the Mini Toolbar. In Windows Explorer or in the SOLIDWORKS Task Pane File Explorer, right-click a SOLIDWORKS document and select SOLIDWORKS > Rename or Replace.