You asked: What do blue lines mean in Onshape?

What does a gray line represent when sketching in Onshape?

Was the sketch hidden? It will appear light gray if it is. You can hide/unhide by moving your mouse to the area where the eye ball is and toggle it on or off. By default a sketch will be visible until the first time you use it in a feature (such as extrude) then it will automatically hide itself for your convenience.

How do you use Onshape lines?

With no tool selected, click the centerline (it appears highlighted).

Create lines in your drawing.

  1. Click .
  2. Click to begin the line.
  3. Drag and click to define subsequent line segments.
  4. Escape to end the line and exit the tool.

How do you define Onshape?

First, click and drag one of the circle’s center to be coincident with the origin. Just drag the center to the origin and let go of the mouse button when you see a yellow box around the origin. Now, use the ‘D’ key to activate the Dimension tool (or click it in the toolbar).

How do you color on shape?

In the right-click menu options, look for the “Edit appearance for …” option. It’s important to stress that you can only edit the appearance of parts in the Part Studio. After clicking this, the appearance editor dialog will appear. Here you can type in your custom color information.

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Where is the features list located in Onshape?

The Part Studio Feature list consists of a list of features and a list of parts. The pane on the left of the window includes, starting at the top: The number of features in the Part Studio.

What is located at the top of the very top of the graphics area within a document?

Header. Reserved area for text, graphics, and fields that display at the top of each page in a document. Keyboard shortcut. A combination of keys on the keyboard, usually using the Ctrl key, the Shift key, or the Alt key, that provides a quick way to activate a command. Manual page break.