Where is camera in SketchUp free?

How do I change the camera view in SketchUp for free?

Choose Camera→Standard→Top. This changes your viewpoint so that you’re looking directly down at the ground. Choose Camera→Parallel Projection. Switching from Perspective to Parallel Projection makes it easier to draw plans in 2D.

How do you place a camera in SketchUp?

To position the camera a specific point, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Position Camera tool ( ).
  2. Click a point in your model, and SketchUp places the camera’s point of view at 5′ 6″ directly above the point you click.
  3. (Optional) If you want to make the eye height taller or shorter, enter a new value and press Enter.

Can SketchUp do 2D?

Google’s SketchUp program is known for being exceptionally user-friendly and will give you the ability to create your 2D drawing in almost no time. Once you have created your 2D drawing in SketchUp, you can use that as a base for making a 3D model or you can simply use your 2D creation as is.

How do you exit a scene in SketchUp?

HELP. That is x-ray mode. Right click to toolbar area and select ‘Styles’ to see below tools where you can enable/disable x-ray mode.

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