What should I ask an architect?

What questions should I ask an architect before hiring?

7 Essential Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Architect

  • What Are the Biggest Challenges and Attractions of This Job? …
  • Do You Have a Signature Style? …
  • Who Will Design My Project? …
  • What Project Management Services Do You Provide? …
  • How Do You Charge? …
  • Can You Provide Three-Dimensional Drawings?

What do you talk about with an architect?

10 questions you should always ask your architect before starting…

  • Is there a charge for an initial meeting? …
  • Can you confirm that you are a registered architect? …
  • Do you have a signature style? …
  • What services do you offer? …
  • When will we be able to meet?

What should you not say to an architect?

Top 10 Things you’ll never hear an Architect say

  • I’ll be home early tonight.
  • I really should add some black clothing to my wardrobe, I wear too much color.
  • Everything is going perfectly on your project.
  • Your building is ahead of schedule and under budget.
  • This will be my second vacation this year.

What should I expect from an architect?

As the project progresses, your architect should be on hand to answer questions, resolve design issues, provide additional drawings as needed, and approve payments to the contractor. The job at this point is to make sure everything goes, literally, according to plan – and to help resolve issues when they don’t.

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Is it worth it to hire an architect?

The truth is, architects are well worth the extra cost on large remodeling jobs because with thoughtful evaluation and design, they can meet–and often exceed–your expectations.

How much do architects charge for drawings?

How Much Does an Architect Cost to Draw Plans? You’ll pay anywhere from $2,500 to $8,000 for plans alone. This typically doesn’t include any add on services like extra revisions, project management services or any type of construction help.

What can an architect do for me?

Architects are responsible for drafting plans – That’s their role. Architects are able to come up with technical drawing which just so you know are also key in helping flesh out construction or renovation ideas. As a matter of fact, the drafted plan by architects help set realistic expectations.

How do you impress an architect?

1. Refer to simple shapes as “Forms.” Architects get tons of training in spatial relationships and how they affect people. We were trained to call basic rectangles, squares, circles, amoebas, etc, a “form.” Architects simplify most things to their most basic parts (or forms) because simple things tend to work better.

Can you negotiate architect fees?

Like any service provider Architects add profit to their costs. Your negotiation needs to focus on the amount of profit added to each man-hour. The only way to know this margin is to ask them for it. … These costs are all fixed and you should not expect them to come down.

When should you fire an architect?

However, architects are human and sometimes they miss things. If your architect makes a small mistake, try not to worry too much. However, if your architect continuously makes mistakes or doesn’t fix problems even after being informed of them, it may be time to fire your architect.

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