What is the difference between duplicate and duplicate with detailing in Revit?

How do you duplicate a view with detailing in Revit?

To copy the model geometry from an existing view into a new view, right-click the existing view in the Project Browser, and click Duplicate View Duplicate. If you right-click, and click Duplicate View Duplicate with Detailing, both the model geometry and the detail geometry are copied into the new view.

What occurs when creating a new view by duplicate with detailing?

When you select “Duplicate with Detailing,” the model geometry of the view is duplicated as well as the annotation and detailing elements. An example of using this kind of duplication would be when you want to add information to a duplicate of the view, and keep the original version unaltered.

What is duplicate wall in Revit?

You need to create a new wall type for the different walls. highlight the wall, chose properties, edit/new>duplicate. Then modify the wall structure as needed.

How do you duplicate floor plans in Revit?

To duplicate a view, right-click the view title in the Project Browser. The 3 duplicate options are listed. When you select the “duplicate” option, an exact duplicate of the view is created, without the annotation and detailing items.

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What is duplicate with detailing?

The Duplicate with detailing option creates a duplicate view including the detail and annotations elements. They are independent from elements of the parent view. The Duplicate as dependent option creates a dependent view that behaves as the parent view.

How do you duplicate a project in Revit?

Open up your new template file and your project in the same window, so you can go to the window tab and switch from project to project. You might be able to go into your template file and in the browser you can copy stuff over from the template file into your project.

How do you do Matchlines in Revit?

Add a Matchline

  1. Open the primary view from which your dependent views were created.
  2. If crop regions are not visible, click (Show Crop Region) on the View Control Bar. …
  3. Click View tab Sheet Composition panel (Matchline).
  4. Sketch the matchline.
  5. When finished, click Finish Matchline.

How do you copy a wall in Revit?


  1. Copy to Clipboard (CTRL+C) or from the Modify ribbon>Clipboard panel, choose Copy.
  2. On the Modify ribbon > Clipboard, click the drop down arrow under the Paste command.
  3. Select “Aligned to Selected Levels”
  4. Choose the Target level (i.e. Level 2)
  5. Switch to a 3D View to see the results.