What is the abbreviation for rhino?

What does the medical term Rino mean?

Rhinorrhea: Medical term for a runny nose. From the Greek words “rhinos” meaning “of the nose” and “rhoia” meaning “a flowing.”

What is the full word of Assoc?

Assoc. is a written abbreviation for association, , associated, or , associate.

How do you say nose in medical terms?

rhinal (rhin/al) is a term pertaining to or of the nose.

Which combining form means to cut?

sect/o. combining form meaning to cut.

What does rhino mean in Latin?

The English name for this animal with a horn or horns on its snout was borrowed from Latin rhinoceros. The Latin name, in turn, came from the Greek word rhinoker. s, which literally means “horned nose.” This word is made up of the Greek word rhin-, rhis, meaning “nose” and the word keras, meaning “horn.”

What is the full word for BA?

A BA is a first degree in an arts or social science subject. BA is an abbreviation for ‘Bachelor of Arts‘.

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