What does ANSI code mean?

What is an ANSI base?

ANSI stands for “American National Standards Institute,” which is an organization that develops standards for a wide range of commercial products. In lighting, ANSI codes have particular relevance to common types of light bulbs, but they are less and less common in the modern lighting world.

What is ANSI S55?

ANSI S55 – 4 Tap – Power Factor 90% – Max. Temp. … For use with 150 watt lamps, this magnetic HID ballast boasts a high power factor of 90%, ensuring maximum efficiency.

What is a H38 ballast?

ANSI H38 – H100 is a 100 watt mercury vapor lamp,So on the Ballast it should say H38 ,on it. Also some Mercury vapor ballast will run Metal halide lamps and will have the ANSI code for those lamps marked on the ballasts as well.

What is a metal halide ballast?

Metal halide (MH) ballasts are required to start the lamp, regulate the lamp starting and lamp operating currents, and provide appropriate sustaining supply voltage. … The ballast is set to deliver relatively stable power to the lamp while regulating the lamp current despite typical line voltage fluctuations.

What is the output voltage of a fluorescent ballast?

Fluorescent lamps use a ballast which transforms line voltage to a voltage to start up and operate the lamp(s). Newer fluorescent ballasts are usually rated for both 120 volts and 277 volts. Some are rated for only 120 volts, others for only 277 volts (used in commercial environments).

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What is M58 E ballast?

An M58 ballast is for a 250 watt probe start lamp. What is the full code of the replacement lamps? M153 or M158 is a pulse start lamp. I would open the fixtures and check the ballasts themselves.