Quick Answer: How do I copy elements from one archicad file to another?

How do you copy elements in ArchiCAD?

To Drag Multiple Copies of an element, select it and activate the Drag command Ctrl + D (PC) or Command + D (Mac) then use the multiple copy shortcut key; Ctrl + Alt (PC) or Command + Alt (Mac).

How do I merge ArchiCAD files?

Merging Files to ArchiCAD. Use the File > File Special > Merge command to paste the elements of another ArchiCAD Project, a Module, DWF/DWG/DXF, HPGL (. plt) file, IFC file, or other image or model-type file into ArchiCAD.

How do I duplicate a drawing in ArchiCAD?

Click on a layout and hold down the mouse button + either the alt key on a Mac or CTRL key on a PC then drag it. A plus icon will appear indicating you’re dragging a copy.

How do I print layout in archicad?

Print Layout. This dialog box is opened with the File > Print command if Layout is active. Printer: This field displays the printer driver currently set up for your machine. To change the assigned printer, choose the Page Setup button at right.

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