Question: What does shift 7 do in Onshape?

What does shift do in Onshape?

There are over 70 Onshape keyboard shortcuts for various tasks in this software. These shortcuts are one of the most efficient ways to hasten design in Onshape.


Key(s) Command Description
Shift + Z Zoom in Zooms in the drawing on the screen
Z Zoom out Zooms out the drawing on the screen

What is the keyboard shortcut to hide entities Onshape?

Use the shortcut key “y” to hide a part under the cursor (part will show highlighting on hover). To show the part again, use the context menu “show all” or “show all parts” commands. Access these commands from the context menu for selected parts in an assembly.

How do you move on Inshape?

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  1. 3D Rotate: Right-mouse-button-click+drag.
  2. Zoom in and out: Pinch out and pinch in, respectively.
  3. 2D pan: CTRL-right-mouse-button+drag.

How do you rotate a block on Onshape?

The arrows around the view cube allow for 15-degree rotation movements from the model’s current position. However, if 15 degrees is not precise enough, you can hold down the “Shift” key while clicking on the arrows. This will rotate the model in 5-degree increments, giving you much more control.

How do you select multiple entities on shape?

Select entities simply by clicking. Onshape selection is additive and a small number appears at the cursor for up to 5 entities selected. When more than 5 entities are selected a small + sign appears next to the number 5. To deselect, simply click on the entity a second time.

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What is the shortcut to deselect everything?

Instead of using a mouse-click, forcing a refresh or something along those lines you can try the keyboard shortcut “CTRL+Shift+Home“. This works to effectively “deselect all” (as opposed to “CTRL+A”) in many applications.

What is a sectional view?

A sectional view or a section looks inside an object. Sections are used to clarify the interior construction of a part that cannot be clearly described by hidden lines in exterior views. By taking an imaginary cut through the object and removing a portion, the inside features may be seen more clearly.