How to calculate Torque in SolidWorks?

How do you apply torque in SolidWorks simulation?

To apply a torque right click on the external loads menu in the simulation tree, select torque. SolidWorks asks for three things, the face upon which the torque is applied, the direction the torque is applied in, and the magnitude of the torque.

How to do force Simulation in SolidWorks?

To apply a force:

  1. Click Add a force. The Force PropertyManager appears.
  2. In the graphics area, select the desired faces.
  3. Select: Normal to apply the force in the direction normal to each selected face. …
  4. Select the force units first, then enter the force value. …
  5. Click . …
  6. Click Next.

Can we apply torque in solid edge analysis?

A review of the help file found that a torque in SOLIDWORKS can only be applied to faces. Yet the torque feature manage allows users to apply torques to faces, edges, vertices, joints, and beams (see pic below).

How do you insert a line break in Solidworks?

Creating Projection Split Lines

  1. Click Split Line. (Curves toolbar) or Insert > Curve > Split Line.
  2. In the PropertyManager, under Type of Split, select Projection.
  3. Under Selections, click: A sketch for Sketch to Project . You can select multiple contours from the same sketch to split. …
  4. Click . Before. After.
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How do I read solidworks simulation results?

Displaying SOLIDWORKS Simulation Results in the Graphics Area

  1. Open an assembly that has a simulation study saved with it.
  2. Click the Static 1 tab.
  3. In the Simulation Study tree, right click Static 1 and click Run.
  4. Click the Model tab.
  5. Click Simulation Display (View toolbar) or View > Display > Simulation Display .

How do I turn on motion analysis in Solidworks?

You may right-click on the Motion Study tab to Create New Motion Studies. At the left upper corner side of the the MotionManager toolbar, pull-down and select Motion Analysis for the Type of Study.

How do you use a motion study motor in Solidworks?

You can use motors in Motion Studies to move components in an assembly.

To use a motor in a motion study:

  1. Create or edit the motion study.
  2. Click Motor (MotionManager toolbar).
  3. Edit the properties in the Motor PropertyManager.