How do you update an assembly in Solidworks?

How do you modify an assembly?

To edit the assembly origin

  1. Select an assembly in a project view.
  2. Click Modify | Assemblies tab Assembly panel (Edit Assembly). …
  3. In the drawing area, select the assembly origin marker to display the origin controls, and drag them to modify the orientation as needed.
  4. Click (Finish).

How do I add features to an assembly in Solidworks?

You can create the following as assembly features: cuts, holes, fillets, chamfers, weld beads, and belt/chain features. To edit an assembly feature, right-click the assembly feature in the FeatureManager design tree, and select either Edit Sketch or Edit Feature.

How do you fix Assembly in Solidworks?

To fix or float an assembly component:

  1. Right-click the component in the graphics area or the component’s name in the FeatureManager design tree.
  2. Select Fix or Float.
  3. In assemblies with multiple configurations, select This Configuration, All Configurations, or Specified Configurations.

Can you replace a part in an assembly solidworks?

You can replace components in an assembly. You can replace a part with a subassembly or vice versa.

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Can you cut an assembly in Solidworks?

To create an assembly feature cut: Open a sketch on a face or plane, and sketch a profile of the cut. The profile can contain more than one closed contour. Click Extruded Cut or Revolved Cut (Features toolbar), or click Insert > Assembly Feature > Cut , then Extrude or Revolve.

How do I modify a part in Inventor?

In the graphics window or the browser, double-click the part to edit. Right-click the part, and then select Edit Feature. Use the sketch and feature commands to add, edit, or delete features. Save the part file.

How do you make an assembly simulation in Solidworks?

Choose the Static simulation and then click OK (tick). Right-click on the part and apply the material of choice. A separate material could also be applied for the consisting parts by clicking the arrow next to the part, this expands to show every part. Next, right-click on the connections and choose the Contact set.

How do I enable external references in Solidworks?

To open this dialog box: Click Options or Tools > Options and click External References. Restores factory defaults for all system options or only for options on this page.

How do you make a hole in an assembly in Solidworks?

To create an assembly feature hole:

  1. Click the planar face approximately where you want to create the hole.
  2. Click Simple Hole or Hole Wizard (Features toolbar), or click Insert > Assembly Feature > Hole , then Simple or Wizard.
  3. Set the options as needed in the Hole PropertyManager or Hole Wizard Type PropertyManager.
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Why won’t my SOLIDWORKS assembly open?

If you find you can’t open the assembly at all, but you can load all the subassemblies and other components individually, there is a good chance your SLDASM file itself is the problem. … Launch SOLIDWORKS with no files open. Create a new, empty assembly using the same template as the corrupt assembly, if possible.

Why is part fixed in assembly?

It is recommended that at least one assembly component is either fixed, or mated to the assembly planes or origin. This gives a frame of reference for all other mates, and helps prevent unexpected movement of components when mates are added. A fixed component has a (f) before its name in the FeatureManager design tree.

How do I repair a corrupt file in SOLIDWORKS?

Assemblies or drawings which reference damaged parts will open without the part files. To repair these files, you must open the parts in their own window. The original assembly or drawing remains unchanged by the repair process. After the repair, you can substitute the repaired files for the original damaged files.