How do you make a bigger body in Fusion 360?

How do you make your body smaller in Fusion 360?

In the Design workspace, Solid tab, select Modify > Scale. Select the body or bodies to scale, and pick a fixed anchor point for the scaling.

How do I know the size of my Fusion 360?

To display the dimensions for a sketch, right click on the sketch in the browser. Then, left click on Show Dimension. The sketch dimensions will appear. To modify one of the dimensions, simply left click on the text and change the dimension value.

How do I change the size of my Fusion 360?

From the Modify menu, click Scale.

Note: The mesh can be scaled non-uniformly as well by selecting the drop-down for Scale Type.

  1. Select the entity to be scaled and enter a Scale Factor.
  2. Click OK to finish scaling.
  3. If design history is enabled, leave the mesh workspace by clicking Finish Mesh in the toolbar.

How do you scale a mesh in Fusion 360?


  1. In the Model environment, browse to the Modify Menu and select Scale. How to scale a mesh body in Fusion 360.
  2. Select the mesh body that you wish to scale. …
  3. Clear the Point selection by hitting the X next to the field.
  4. When selecting a new Point, select the WCS origin in order to scale appropriately.
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How do I resize a DXF in Fusion 360?

Use Modify>Scale to correctly scale the design.

From the Insert Menu, select Insert DXF.

  1. Select the plane that the DXF will be placed on.
  2. Select the DXF file.
  3. From the units drop-down, specify the units that the imported DXF file uses.