How do you link a project template in Revit?

How do I use a project template in Revit?


  1. Open the Revit project file (RVT). …
  2. Save As a template file (.rte)
  3. Remove items from the template that will not be re-used on all/most new projects.
  4. Place in your designated template directory.
  5. Set Starting view.
  6. In Revit Options>File Locations>Project template files, promote new template to the top if desired.

Can you make a Revit template from a project?

You can create a custom project template using the several methods. Click File tab New Project. In the New Project dialog, under Template file, select: None to create your template from a blank project file.

What is the use of templates in Revit?

Use the default templates, or define custom templates to enforce office standards. A project template can include view templates, loaded families, defined settings (such as units, fill patterns, line styles, line weights, view scales, and more), and geometry, if desired. Project templates use the file extension RTE.

Where do I find project templates in Revit?

Project templates use the file extension RTE. As installed, Revit provides several templates for different disciplines and types of building projects. The templates are stored in the following location: %ALLUSERSPROFILE%AutodeskRVT 2021Templates.

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What should be included in a Revit template?

Consider these recommendations and guidelines when creating custom project templates.

  1. Content location. …
  2. Naming standards. …
  3. Annotation. …
  4. Title blocks. …
  5. Viewport types. …
  6. Content. …
  7. Views/Schedules/Sheets. …
  8. View types/Browser sorting.

What is the Revit template file format?

Revit supports a wide range of industry standards and file formats, including: Revit native formats: RVT, RFA, RTE, RFT. CAD formats: DGN, DWF, DWG, DXF, IFC, SAT, and SKP. Image formats: BMP, PNG, JPG, JPEG, and TIF.

How do you add a template to Revit?

Create the project templates that you want to include in the list. Click File tab Options.

Location of project templates

  1. Click (Add Value).
  2. Navigate to the project template file, select it, and click Open. The template is added to the list.
  3. Under Name, replace the default template name with a meaningful name.

Why is it important to start a Revit project using the correct template?

Template files provide a reliable way to begin each new project file and ensure that it starts with the right collection of settings, features, and office standards. Using a template does not, however, guarantee successful project delivery.

How do I download Revit content?

Important Information

  1. The downloaded content will extract to the default content locations (C:ProgramDataAutodeskRVT <Version>). …
  2. The folder “ProgramData” may be hidden. …
  3. If the extraction fails, run it one more time under Administrator mode (Right-click the file and select Run as Administrator).