How do you convert a body to a component Fusion 360?

How do you turn your body into a component?

Simply highlight the component you want to convert back to a body press E for extrude and extrude it to the same thickness as the original part. Select NEW BODY Make sure JOIN isn’t selected and extrude. You should now have your component and a body available.

How do you create a new component in Fusion?

Learn how to create new components in the assembly in a Fusion 360 design.

Create a component during an active command

  1. Activate a command from the Create panel.
  2. In the dialog, select New Component from the Operation dropdown menu.
  3. Adjust any additional settings for the command.
  4. Click OK.

Can Fusion 360 do assembly?

When you launch Fusion 360, you are immediately presented with an empty design. … However, you can also turn that design into a new “assembly” file with “internal components” if you follow these steps: In the new design, choose the Solid Tab/Assemble Panel/ “New Component” command.

Where in Fusion 360 would you create a new project?

You can create a project from the Data Panel by clicking on the New Project button and giving your project a name.

How do you move fusion components?


  1. Use the “Bodies” selection for the Move tool and select the bodies you want to position, which you can then move as a block.
  2. Create a component and insert all of the bodies you’d like to move, then use the “Components” selection on the move tool and move the whole component.
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