How do you break a model in Solidworks?

How do you break in Solidworks?

To create a break view:

  1. Select a drawing view and click Break. (Drawing toolbar) or click Insert > Drawing View > Break.
  2. Set options in the PropertyManager: Option. …
  3. Click in the view twice to place two break lines, creating the break. …
  4. Add additional break lines as necessary. …
  5. Click .

Can you cut a part in half in Solidworks?

You can create separate part files, and form an assembly from the new parts. You can split one or more solid or surface bodies. To split a surface, the Trimming Surface must extend past the boundaries of the surface to split.

How do you align a break view in Solidworks?

To align a break in a projected view with a break in the parent view:

  1. Right-click in the projected view and click Properties.
  2. In the dialog box, select Align breaks with parent.
  3. Click OK.

How do you break all mates in Solidworks?

Locking and Breaking External References

  1. For an individual item, right-click the feature, component, body, or part.
  2. For all items within the hierarchy of a subassembly, right-click the subassembly.
  3. For all items within the hierarchy of the entire assembly, right-click the assembly name at the top of the tree.
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Where is break link in Solidworks?

In the FeatureManager design tree, right-click the inserted third-party native CAD file and click Break Link.

How do you remove a broken view in Solidworks?

Right-click the broken view, and select Un-Break View. The break lines remain in the view and you can delete them.

How do you split a face in Solidworks?

To split a face by projecting a new sketch:

  1. In the Fixture or an External Loads PropertyManager, select the Split tab.
  2. Under Type of Split: Select Sketch. …
  3. When you finish sketching, click Exit Sketch. …
  4. For Other Faces to Split , select the faces to project the sketch onto.
  5. Optionally, select either: …
  6. Click Create Split.

How do I cut one part out of another in Solidworks?

Combining Bodies – Subtract

  1. Click Combine. …
  2. In the PropertyManager, under Operation Type, select Subtract.
  3. For Main Body, select the body to keep. …
  4. For Bodies to Subtract, select the bodies whose material you want to remove.
  5. Click Show Preview to preview the feature.
  6. Click .

How do you split bodies in Solidworks?

Split and Save Bodies

  1. Click Split (Features toolbar) or Insert > Features > Split.
  2. In the PropertyManager, set the options. …
  3. Under Resulting Bodies, select the bodies to save under , or click Auto-assign Names. …
  4. Double-click the body name under File, type a name for the new part in the dialog box, then click Save.

How do I view sections in SOLIDWORKS?

To create a section view:

  1. In a part or assembly document, click Section View. (View toolbar) or View > Display > Section View.
  2. In the Section View PropertyManager, under Section 1, set the properties.
  3. To section the model with additional planes or faces, select Section 2 and Section 3 and set the properties. …
  4. Click .
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How do you make an isometric view in SOLIDWORKS?

SOLIDWORKS offers an option that allows the user to show an existing section view as an isometric section view. A right-mouse click on an existing section view will display the Isometric Section View option. When Isometric Section View is selected, the section view will change to an isometric view.

How do you break section view from parents?

There is a setting in SOLIDWORKS to control this behaviour. Right-click the projected view where you would like to modify the breaks, then select “Properties”. There is a checkbox in the resulting window for “Align breaks with parent”. If this is selected, the breaks in the projected view are locked.