How do I view Catia files on my phone?

How can I open Catia file in Mobile?

Access CAD models directly from your catalog, email, or cloud storage, on your mobile devices. — iOS and Android apps now available

  1. VIEWER. Get the Viewer.
  2. X_T. VIEWER. Get the Viewer.
  3. Get the Viewer. SAT. VIEWER.

How do I open Catia files?

CATIA Part and Product File Import

  1. Click File > Open.
  2. Navigate to the folder containing CATIA part or product files to open.
  3. For Files of type, select CATIA.
  4. Select the CATPart or CATProduct file and click Open. SOLIDWORKS imports the CATIA V5 file.

How do I open a DWG file on my phone?

How to View CAD Files on Mobile

  1. CAD Pockets.
  2. DWG Fastview.
  3. AutoC. AD 360.
  4. Onshape.
  5. eDrawings Pro.

How do I open STP files on Android?

There are also apps which can open STP on mobile devices, including Android, iOS or Windows Phone. After installing one of the applications from the list, you should be able to open or edit a file with an STP extension just by double clicking on its icon.

What is a Catpart file?

CATPART is a part file created by CATIA V5, a 3D CAD manufacturing applicatio. It stores a part model, including the three-dimensional geometry and structure data; can be combined with other parts into a . CATPRODUCT assembly file.

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How do I convert a Catdraw to PDF?

Just open the file with a reader, click the “print” button, choose the virtual PDF printer and click “print”. If you have a reader for the CATDRAWING file, and if the reader can print the file, then you can convert the file to a PDF.

How do I open higher Catia files?

How to open higher version catia file in lower version of catia

  1. Go to Tools -> Utility in catia menu to open the “Batch Monitor” window.
  2. Double click on “Downward Compatibility” to open Downward Compatibility window.

How can I view CAD files for free?

AutoCAD web app and AutoCAD mobile app allow you to use AutoCAD online and edit, create, and view CAD drawings and DWG files in the web browser. Autodesk Viewer is a free online viewer that works with over many file types, including DWG.

Which app can open DWG file?

AutoCAD mobile is a DWG viewing and editing app with easy-to-use drawing and drafting tools. View, create and edit DWG files on mobile devices – anytime, anywhere.

How do I open a DWG file without AutoCAD?

Autodesk provides a freeware viewer program called DWG TrueView. In addition to opening DWG files, the software can also be used for plotting, creating PDFs, and converting from one DWG format to another. DWG TrueView can also be used to open, view, and plot DXF files.

How do I view a DWG file?

There are a few tools that you can use to open a DWG file. AutoCAD, Viewer, Microsoft Visio, Adobe Illustrator, A360 Viewer, etc are such tools to open this type of file.

#5) CorelDraw

  1. Download and launch CorelDraw.
  2. From the File option, select Open.
  3. Select the DWG file you want to open.
  4. Click Open.
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