How do I unlock objects in ArchiCAD?

How do you unlock a locked object?

To unlock an object

In Object Designer, select one or more objects that you have locked, and then do one of the following steps: Right-click the object or objects, and then choose Unlock. On the File menu, choose Unlock. Press Ctrl+Alt+U.

How do I lock a layer in archicad?

When in the Layer Settings dialogue box (Ctrl+L PC, or cmd+L for Mac) you can Lock layers off within a layer combination once items have been placed, i.e Roof Slabs, Floor Slabs, Meshes etc, this is to ensure they aren’t accidentally deleted or moved while working on your project.

How do I move elements in archicad?

Using the ARROW – select the object to move. Select a GRIP to use as a reverence point and move object in the direction you wish to move. You can also type in the move value. You can change ANYTHING about ANY OBJECT using PROPERTIES.

How do I unlock a locked object in SAP?


  1. Go the transaction code SE03 or execute the program “RSWBO099” using transaction code SE38. Double click on Unlock objects (Expert tool)
  2. Below screen will appear. Enter the transport request and click execute.
  3. Below screen will appear. Click on unlock.
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How do I check if an object is locked in SAP?

To check such a lock, use the SAP transaction SM12 “Select Lock Entries“. The following screenshot shows it with a lock on the DIR: In case of a DIR the “Lock Argument” is .

What are snap guides?

Snap Guides are temporary lines and arcs that appear along existing elements, to assist accurate element placement. Unlike Guide Lines, Snap Guides are temporary and disappear automatically when the cursor is no longer in the vicinity.

How do you flip a wall in ArchiCAD?

It’s called “Change Flip Status” in the Work Environment, and the current shortcut is set to “P”. This flip shortcut is used to flip Walls, Shells or Openings.

How do I rotate objects in ArchiCAD 24?

An Object or Lamp in ARCHICAD.

How to Rotate an object using Objective

  1. Select the Object/s you wish to Rotate.
  2. Go to Cadimage> Objective > Tools > Rotate.
  3. Then: