How do I know the weight of my Fusion 360?

How do I know which Fusion 360 I have?

Finding the most recent version number of Fusion 360

  1. Visit the Fusion What’s New Blog (where Fusion 360 product updates are chronicled).
  2. Click on the most recent Product Update article.
  3. The version number will be listed at the beginning of the article, beneath the image header. An example is shown in the image below:

Can Fusion 360 calculate volume?

Now with Fusion 360, the internal volume can be calculated with one feature. The tool for the job is the Boundary Fill command. This command will calculate all the “water tight” volumes from the selected tools. … Most importantly, the Boundary Fill command will update with design changes to calculate the selected volume.

How do I know what version of Fusion I have?


  1. Launch 2020 Fusion.
  2. Click on the Help tab > About.
  3. You should see the following box with the 2020 Fusion version information.

What version of Fusion do I have?

From the VMware Fusion menu, select About VMware Fusion, and the version and build number will be displayed in the “about” box.

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