How do I delete a point in Civil 3d?

How do I delete a point in AutoCAD?

Right-click the row containing the desired point. Click Delete. You cannot delete a locked point. Note: You can also use the AutoCAD ERASE command to delete a point.

How do you edit points in Civil 3D?

Select a point in the drawing, right-click Properties. On the Design tab expand the Autodesk Civil 3D section to display the point properties for Display, Information, Coordinate, and Labeling. To change a property, click in the cell and enter a new value or select a value from the list.

How do I remove duplicate COGO points in Civil 3D?

Export all Cogo points for example to a CSV file. Then – in Excel or any Texteditor – sort the points by name/X/Y/Z and find and delete duplicate entries. Once done, re-import the points into Civil 3D.

Which command is used to erase a part of an object between two points?

Erase. To erase an object, use the ERASE command. You can enter E in the Command window, or click the Erase tool. When you see the cursor change to a square pickbox, click each object that you want to erase, and then press Enter or the Spacebar.

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How do I change the starting point in Autocad?

To Change the Structural Member Start Point and Endpoint

  1. Select the structural member.
  2. Select a Start or End grip, move the grip until the length value you want is displayed, and click once. …
  3. Select a Start or End grip, move the grip until the length value you want is displayed, and click once.

How do I change the default point style in Civil 3D?

To Edit the Default Point Styles Settings

  1. Open the Edit Point Settings dialog box using one of the following methods: …
  2. If needed, scroll to Default Styles and expand the collection.
  3. To specify a default point style, edit the Point Style setting.
  4. To specify a default point label style, edit the Point Label Style setting.

How do you change the elevation of points in Civil 3D?


  1. Open the Prospector tab in Civil 3D.
  2. Right-click Points or Point Group. Click Edit Points.
  3. Press CTRL+A to select all of the points, or select them individually.
  4. Right-click the selection of points. Click Datum.
  5. When prompted, enter the desired change in elevation.