How do I change a workset in Revit?

How do I change the default workset in Revit?

Open the model in Revit. Use Save As option (File -> Save As -> Project). In the Save As dialog click the Options button. In the File Save Options dialog , select the desired option for Open Workset Default.

How do you unlock a workset in Revit?

Click Collaborate tab Manage Collaboration panel (Worksets). Note: When Revit Cloud Worksharing is installed with Revit, the Worksets command is disabled for a non-workshared model. In the Worksets dialog, select the desired workset, and click Open, or, under Opened, click Yes. Click OK.

How do I edit family worksets in Revit?

Family Worksets

Expand the Families branch, right-click on the Family name, and select Make Workset Editable, as shown in here. A family workset made editable cannot be changed by any other user. The owner must release it and synchronize it with the central file before anyone else can modify it.

How do I manage a workset in Revit?

To control the worksets in the linked project, select the linked file and then click Manage Worksets. Revit displays the Manage Worksets for Link dialog. Here, you can select one or more linked worksets and change their Opened status.

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Where can you set default visibility of worksets in Revit?

Change the Global Setting for Workset Visibility

  • Click Collaborate tab Manage Collaboration panel (Worksets).
  • Under Visible in all views, select the check box to show a workset in project views, or clear the check box to hide it.

How do I make all worksets editable in Revit?

Make Worksets Editable

  1. Open your local copy of the central model.
  2. Click Collaborate tab Manage Collaboration panel (Worksets).
  3. In the Worksets dialog, to filter the display of worksets, make the appropriate selections under Show. …
  4. Click under Editable for the workset, and select Yes.

How do you check a workset in Revit?

To determine the worksets in which the elements reside, select elements and check the Workset property on the Properties palette. If you use element borrowing to check out a group instance, Revit automatically borrows all elements in the group.

Should worksets be editable?

Generally, it is recommended that you work in your local copy of the central model and not make worksets editable. When you edit an element that is not being edited by another team member, you automatically become the borrower of the element and can make the changes you need.

Why are Revit Worksets greyed out?

You need to select Collaborate then choose Collaborate within your network and this will enable worksets. It was an error in Revit. After a discussion with Technical support, I had to uninstall and reinstall the program.

How do I change a workset?

Change the Editable Status of a Workset

  1. Click Collaborate tab Manage Collaboration panel (Worksets).
  2. In the Worksets dialog, click the Editable value next to the workset name, and select Yes or No. …
  3. Click OK to close the Worksets dialog.
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How do I turn off worksets in linked Revit?

Go to Solution. Insert menu > Manage Links > Revit tab: select the Link and click Manage Worksets button bottom right. Turn off what you don;t need.

Which control do you select to change a schedule column width in Revit?

To adjust the column width, select the schedule. A blue triangle displays to the upper right of each column. Drag a blue triangle to the left or right. Note: If the schedule is split into multiple sections, adjusting the width in one section changes the width in all sections.

How do you rotate a sheet view in Revit?

Rotate a View on a Sheet

  1. Open the sheet.
  2. Select the view to rotate. Note: You cannot rotate an active view. If the title block displays in halftone and you can select elements in the view, the view is active. …
  3. On the Options Bar, for Rotation on Sheet, select the desired rotation option.