Frequent question: How do I copy an assembly file in SOLIDWORKS?

How do you copy a file in SolidWorks?

Select the parent file and click Tools > Copy Tree . A dialog box appears to let you specify how the copy is performed. For a description of the options in the dialog box, see Copy Tree Dialog Box. Select whether the files should be copied to a folder or a compressed archive.

Can we make copies of components to use them in a same assembly in SolidWorks?

When you create additional instances of a component in an assembly, you can include mates from the original instance. You do not have to create the mates manually for each new instance. (Assembly toolbar) or Insert > Component > Copy with Mates.

How do you save a SolidWorks assembly with all parts?

In an assembly, in the graphics area or FeatureManager design tree, right-click a component or Ctrl + select multiple components and click Make Independent . In the dialog box, click OK when asked to save the component with a new name. In the Save As dialog box, type a name and click Save.

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How do you copy in SOLIDWORKS 2020?

Hold down Ctrl while dragging the sketch entity. To copy one or more sketch entities, select the entities, then click Edit > Copy or press Ctrl+C.

How do you copy a design in SOLIDWORKS?

Copying and Pasting Entire Sketches

  1. Select the closed sketch in the FeatureManager design tree.
  2. Click Edit > Copy or press Ctrl+C.
  3. Click in the sketch or document where you want to paste the center of the sketch.
  4. Click Edit > Paste or press Ctrl+V.

How do I change a file name without breaking links?

Renaming a File

  1. From the files list, find the file to be renamed. Click the file’s gear menu and choose Rename.
  2. The New Title field can be used to rename the file and the New File Name can be used to update the file’s URL.
  3. Click Save to complete the rename. All links to the file will be updated.

How do you rename a tree in Solidworks?

Changing Component File Names from the FeatureManager Design Tree

  1. Click-pause-click the component.
  2. Right-click the component and click Rename Assembly or Rename Part.
  3. Select the component and press F2.

How do you add multiple of the same component in SolidWorks?

Under Part/Assembly to Insert, do one of the following:

  1. Ctrl + select several components from the list.
  2. Click Browse. In the dialog box, Ctrl + select several components and then click Open.

How do you repeat an assembly in SolidWorks?

To use the same mate reference for the next mate as used by the original component, under Mates in the PropertyManager, for the next listed mate, select Repeat. In this example, you select Repeat under the coincident mate. The copy of the selected component is added to the assembly.

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What is save all in Solidworks?

Saves all the files open in SOLIDWORKS that have been modified since they were last saved.

Do we have to save the file to proceed to the assembly operation?

The original assembly document is closed without saving. Save as copy and continue (In the Save As dialog box.)