Best answer: What is bump map in SketchUp?

What is a bump map image?

Bump maps are grayscale images that allow you to fake detail in 3D objects. The detail that they generate is simply a lighting trick on the surface of 3D objects. The actual 3D geometry is not changed in any way.

What is the difference between a bump map and a normal map?

Bump maps and normal maps are essentially the same thing. The primary difference is that normal maps have more information in them(because they use an rgb input) to give a more accurate bump effect. The rgb information in the normal maps correspond to the x,y,z axis.

How do I download awesome bump?

AwesomeBump is totaly written in Qt thus you don’t need to install any aditionall libraries. Just download and install Qt SDK, download the project from the repository, build and run. It will work (or should) on any platform supported by Qt.

How do you convert a normal map to a bump map?

Typically Normal maps are converted into Bump or Height maps by simply opening the Normal map in an image editor and using some form of image desaturatation, either a filter or some other image process that swaps Normalised RGB colours for grey-scale values.

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