Best answer: How do you use model groups in Revit?

What are model groups?

Model group means a series of models having the same structural components. Configurations such as two story, L-shaped and bi-level shall constitute separate model groups.

What does the group Tool do in Revit?

First, we’ll explore what Revit groups can do. Groups are a tool inside of Revit which allow you to select different families inside your model and group them together. Then, you can pull this group and place multiple groups in different areas.

What is the difference between group and assembly in Revit?

Groups are for elements that should work together, while assemblies help track and schedule a collection of elements as a single entity. Propagating changes between groups is easier, but if you need specific views in the local coordinate system of one or more elements, then assemblies are the way to go.

Can you group lines in Revit?

How to Group in Revit. Create a group by selecting elements or existing groups and using the Create Group tool. In a project view, select the desired elements or existing groups you want in the group. Click Modify | Multi-Select tabCreate panel (Create Group).

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How do I make a group unique in Revit?

Then, right-click to display a context menu, and choose Make Unique. Alternatively, you could simply select the group and then use the keyboard shortcut M, U. As soon as you do, the objects become unique. When you hover the cursor over these elements, you can see that they are still groups.

How do you explode a group in Revit?

Groups of elements can be ungrouped in order to edit the individual elements making up the group.

  1. In the drawing area, select a group.
  2. Click Modify | Model Groups tab Ungroup.

How do you create a group family in Revit?

Save Groups

  1. Click File tab Save As Library (Group).
  2. By default, the File name text box displays “Same as group name”. …
  3. If your project has multiple groups, select the appropriate group from the Group to Save drop-down.
  4. Specify whether to Include attached detail groups as views.
  5. Click Save.

What is Assembly in Revit?

The Assemblies category of Revit elements supports construction workflows by letting you identify, classify, quantify, and document unique element combinations in the model. Video: Create and Document Assemblies. Combine multiple elements into a single assembly to be independently scheduled, tagged, and filtered.

How do you add a group in Revit?

Select view-specific elements, tags, or dimensions that are associated with an existing model group, and click Modify | <Elements> tab Create panel (Create Group). Select an existing model group, and click Modify | Model Groups tab Group panel Edit Group. Click Edit Group panel (Attach).

How do you create a detail group?

Create an Attached Detail Group

  1. In the drawing area, do one of the following: Select model elements and detail elements, simultaneously. …
  2. In the Create Model Group and Attached Detail Group dialog, enter a name for the model group (if necessary), and enter a name for the attached detail group.
  3. Click OK.
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How do I turn off model groups in Revit?

In the drawing area, select a model group that has an attached detail group, or groups. Click Modify | Model Groups tab Group panel (Attached Detail Groups). In the Attached Detail Group Placement dialog, select or clear check boxes to show or hide the attached detail group. Click OK.