Best answer: How do you move dimensions in Ansys?

How do I change dimensions in Ansys?

To dimension existing sketch lines

  1. Click the Select tool.
  2. Select the sketch object you want to change.
  3. Dimension the item’s size or location by doing one of the following: Press the spacebar (or just type) to enter a value in the highlighted field. Drag the selected item to change its size or location.

How do I change units in Ansys Mechanical 2020?

Click on the Units tab in ANSYS® Workbench. In ANSYS® Workbench, you could select your unit system basically from the Units tab as shown in the red box above.

Is there a measure tool in Ansys?

RE: measurement in ansys

In ansys design modeler you can use ruler for measurements, also you can select midpoint in constraints menu when sketching in design modeler, first select the point and then the line to put the point on the midpoint of line.

How do you move in a workbench?

1: Go to the Workbench you wish to move , Open your Console then click on the Workbench. The id code of the workbench will appear on top of your console. 2: Close the console. 3: Create a small wooden floor (the really small one) at the place where you wish to move your Workbench to.

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How do you move the axis in Ansys?


  1. For the Origin, use the vertex tool and pick the corner.
  2. Click on Principal Axis Define By and pick Hit Point Normal.
  3. Then click a face you want the X axis to be normal to.
  4. Then click the Click to Change button.

How do you extrude in Ansys 2020?

To extrude an edge

  1. Click Pull. …
  2. Select the edge or edges you want to extrude. …
  3. Select the Extrude. …
  4. If the arrow pointing the direction you want to pull is not highlighted, click the arrow or press Tab to change the direction.
  5. Click and drag the edge in the direction of the Pull.

Can we extrude the sketch in both directions in Ansys?

3 Answers. Yes, using extruded direction selection in the box under the end condition drop down.

How do you extrude Ansys?

Go to ANSYS Modelling > Operate > Extrude > Areas > About Axis > select Area to be extruded > OK > Select Axis > Ok> enter angle > OK.