Best answer: How do I share a floorplanner project?

Can you share floorplanner?

Share your plans via the cloud

Of course you want to present your design or share it with others. You can easily email an image to someone or share the link to the project in floorplanner. This way, someone else can also quickly take a look and even make adjustments.

Can you collaborate on floorplanner?

The Collaborate option lets you give someone else the option to edit your project for 14 days. He or she gets full controll over the project in the editor, without need of a floorplanner account.

How do I export a project from floorplanner?

All you need to do is:

Scroll down and click on the Floorplanner icon. If you don’t see a Floorplanner icon: To activate this export option go to the magicplan cloud and select API & Integrations in the menu bar on the left. Click on Enable to active the Floorplanner export option in the magicplan app.

How do I export a floor plan?

Exporting the Floor Plan

  1. Display the floor plan on the canvas.
  2. Activate the story that you wish to export.
  3. Click the menu button and choose Export and then Share. The standard Share dialog will open.
  4. Choose either 2D Plan or Screenshot option at the top of the dialog. …
  5. Select a program that will receive the floor plan.
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Can you make a second floor in floorplanner?

Choose ‘draw room’ button in the construction menu: Click in the drawing field once for the first corner, drag the mouse to the right size and click again to set the second floor. Tip: You can also type in the exact sizes in the small menu that appears.

Is floor plan 1 word?

Alternative spelling of floor plan.

How do you duplicate a room in floorplanner?

Press “shift” to select multiple walls. You will be able to copy & paste, delete, mirror and rotate this selection.

What does Planner 5D do?

Planner 5D is a tool that lets you design your own apartment, office or any other room in a simple-to-use app and experience your dream interior through virtual reality.

Is floorplanner really free?

Floorplanner is free for casual use. With our BASIC account you can make as many Level 1 projects as you need without any costs. If you want higher quality exports in 2D or 3D you can upgrade your projects to a higher level with credits. … You only need to upgrade a project one time.

How do I get floorplanner credits?

There are two ways to acquire credits:

  1. Buy a bundle of credits on-the-go for a one-time-fee. You can buy them in the dashboard of your floorplanner account.
  2. Get a subscription that will give you a recurring bundle of credits monthly or yearly.