You asked: How do you add a bolt to SOLIDWORKS assembly?

How do you add bolts and nuts in Solidworks?

To add nuts and washers at the end of a bolt:

  1. Under Series Components, select a component in Add to Bottom Stack. The component is added to Bottom Stack .
  2. Select more components as needed. Add washers first, and the nut last. The hardware appears in order from the bolted surface toward the end of the bolt.

How do you add a bolt to a hole in Solidworks?

Drag a component into the assembly. If you drop a component near an appropriate feature, a SmartMate positions the part in the assembly. For example, if you drag a bolt and drop it onto a hole, the SmartMate mates the bolt to the hole. Right-click the component and click Insert Into Assembly.

How do you add screws in Solidworks 2020?

Smart Fasteners automatically add fasteners to your assembly if there is a hole, hole series, or pattern of holes, that is sized to accept standard hardware.

Enable the SOLIDWORKS Toolbox Library to use Smart Fasteners:

  1. Click Tools > Add-ins.
  2. Select SOLIDWORKS Toolbox Library.
  3. Click OK.

How do I download solidworks toolbox?

Welcome to Toolbox Setup

  1. In SOLIDWORKS, click Tools > Options > Hole Wizard/Toolbox > Configure .
  2. From Windows, click Start > All Programs > SOLIDWORKS version > SOLIDWORKS Tools > Toolbox Settings .
  3. When Toolbox is loaded and a document is open in SOLIDWORKS, click Toolbox > Configure.
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How do you add threads to a hole?

Keep the tap perpendicular to the metal and keep the handles of the wrench parallel to the metal. Slowly turn the wrench clockwise, pushing down with firm pressure. The tap will begin to cut threads into the inside of the hole. Continue pushing and turning until the tap goes clear through, past the bottom of the hole.

Does solidworks standard come with Toolbox?

The Solidworks toolbox is installed with every professional or premium version of Solidworks. There are 2 different parts of the installation that deal with the toolbox. First is encountered in the Product Selection tab, in this window available standards can be excluded from the installation.

How do I create a smart component in Solidworks?

To make a component smart:

  1. Create an assembly containing: …
  2. Position the components and apply mates.
  3. Click Make Smart Component (Assemblies toolbar) or click Tools > Make Smart Component.
  4. Set options in the Smart Component PropertyManager.