You asked: How do I open Autodesk Vehicle Tracking?

How do you open Vehicle Tracking in Civil 3D?

Log in to your Autodesk – Account. Go to “All Products and Services”. Expand “Architecture Engineering & Construction Collection” and select “View items” button. Select “Vehicle Tracking” and download and install the version appropriate for your Civil 3D.

How do I start AutoTURN in AutoCAD?

In the AutoCAD command line, type CUI. In the top left section, expand the Partial Customization Files group and check if AutoTURN is listed and if it is marked as Unresolved. If AutoTURN is listed and it is marked as Unresolved, please right-click it and from the context menu choose to Unload it.

What is Autodesk Vehicle Tracking?

Autodesk® Vehicle Tracking offers a swept path analysis that connects directly to your designed environment. Whether you need to evaluate a parking lot, airport, light rail system, or roadways, Vehicle Tracking offers simulation and analysis tools to evaluate vehicle movements predictably.

How do I add AutoTURN in Civil 3D?

Back to the customize tab, click a workspace and press customize workspace. Expand the newly added Autoturn CUI and turn on menus you want loaded. Press Done. Press OK.

How much does AutoTURN cost?

Flexible pricing options to fit any budget

*Vehicle Bundle Starting From $69 USD/Month.

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How do I Install vehicle tracking in AutoCAD?

Open AutoCAD or Civil 3D. In the command line, type the NETLOAD command. Browse to the following location corresponding to the software version: C:Program FilesAutodeskAutodesk Vehicle Tracking 20xx.

  1. Load the file.
  2. Click Close.
  3. Type VEHICLETRACKING into the command line.

How do I use AutoTrack in AutoCAD?

To Change AutoTrack Settings

  1. Right-click the drawing area and click Options.
  2. In the Options dialog box, Drafting tab, under AutoTrack Settings, select or clear the following alignment path display options: …
  3. Under Alignment Point Acquisition, select a method for acquiring object points for object snap tracking:

How do I create a custom car tracker?

To Create a New Vehicle

  1. On the toolbar, click Autodesk Vehicle Tracking Properties, or click Vehicle Tracking menu Properties Path. The Vehicle Library Explorer is displayed.
  2. Make sure that the cursor is not on a vehicle, then right-click New Vehicle, or click the Vehicle Wizard button. The Vehicle Wizard is displayed.

What is vehicle swept path?

Vehicle swept paths are used in road design to check that there is sufficient room for turning vehicles to operate safely on the road network and to avoid causing damage to roadside furniture.