Where is Blender startup file?

Where is the Blender startup file located?

blend file, which is great for recovering your last blender session. The default location for temporary files is /tmp/ on Linux and Mac OS X. On Windows, it’s your user’s temporary folder in C:Users AppDataLocalTemp .

How do I change the startup file in Blender?

It contains the default startup scene included with Blender. This startup scene can be replaced by your own customized setup. To change the startup scene, make all of the desired changes to the current scene or current file and File ‣ Save Startup File. Saving the startup.

Where is Blender located?

Blender Foundation

Blender Foundation headquarters at Amsterdam, Netherlands
Type Nonprofit organization
Purpose Development of Blender
Headquarters Amsterdam, Netherlands
Region served Worldwide

How do I save my preferences in blender?

User preferences for 2.8 are now under the Edit > Preferences menu, to the right of File menu. Saving and loading of settings has been moved into the Preferences window and is now done from a dedicated popup dialog, at the bottom left of the panel.

How do I change settings in blender?

Changing Blender Preferences

Go to File > User Preferences. Open the Input tab. Blender’s default for selection is Right click. You can change this to Left.

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