What type of contract would typically be used on a design build project?

Which category of construction would typically be contracted out as design-build?

Also commonly referred to as “Design-Bid-Build,” this remains the most traditional process for construction projects in the U.S., where the owner will separately contract with a designer and building contractor.

Which of the following contract types is most popular with design-build project delivery?

The guaranteed maximum price (GMP) contract is a variation of the cost-plus-fee contract, and is popular in design-build delivery.

What Is Design-Bid-Build contract?

In the Design-Bid-Build delivery, the owner contracts separately with the design firm that produces the construction documents, and the builder that physically builds the building. This is the traditional method, and is based on the sequential process of design, construction documents, bidding, then construction.

Who is responsible for contracting for subcontractor services for construction on a project?

Main contractor is responsible to find and hire right subcontractors and individuals to complete the job. Main contractor with cooperation of subcontractors need to manage equipment, materials, and other services required for smooth flow of the project.

Which of the following is true of a GMP contract?

GMP is the same as a lump sum bid the contractor passes all costs to the owner up to a predetermined maximum the owner assumes all project risk the construction manager assumes all project risk, None of the above.

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What is the delivery model of the project?

A delivery model is defined by Michael Kenig in AGC Project Delivery as a “comprehensive process of assigning the contractual responsibilities for designing and constructing a project.” AGC Project Delivery identifies four standard delivery models: Design-Bid-Build (DBB), Construction Management at-Risk (CMR), Design- …

What types of projects are most appropriate for the general contract approach?

What types of projects are most suitable for the General contract approach? Projects in which the GC has unique skills that should reduce the cost of construction to the owner.