What is the latest version of Lumion?

Which Lumion version is best?

Lumion PRO is the most ideal version for professional studios as you have access to all the features and content. With Lumion PRO, we can get more than 2000 models, 3D sound effects, and animated characters.

When did Lumion 11 come out?

11/17/2020 – Lumion 11 is available now. Check out what’s new!

How do I update my Lumion 11?

When you ordered Lumion, you received a license key in your email. You can use this license key to find the ‘upgrade’ and ‘add seats’ options that apply to your current license. The title of this email is “Getting Started With Lumion.”

Which Lumion version is best for Windows 10?

Which version of Windows do you need?

  • Lumion 6.5 and newer: Lumion 6.5 and newer require Windows 10. …
  • Lumion 6.3 and older: If you’re using Lumion 6.3 or older and need more than 4 GB memory for your scenes, we recommend that you run Lumion on Windows 7 (64-bit with at least SP1).

Why is my Lumion so slow?

If the model you are importing is not very complex and Lumion is very slow after you place the model in a Scene, it might be caused by an issue in SketchUp. … The result is that the model will become very slow to display and render in Lumion 8.0 (and older versions). Lumion 8.3 and newer are not affected.

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How much RAM does Lumion need?

Recommended requirements:

A PC with this hardware can handle complex designs and projects, such as: A large park or part of a city. A large home with detailed interiors made up of several models and HD textures. A detailed landscape with a few highly detailed components.
System memory (RAM) 16 GB or more

How much RAM do I need for Lumion?

Lumion requires a PC with a fast NVIDIA or AMD graphics card with at least 2GB memory.

Is Lumion 11 backwards compatible?

You go forward, but not backwards, as there is noway for older software to know about and process things in newer versions. So, yes version 8 can read earlier versions. However, the support for features such as some effects changes, so they sometimes need to be edited or removed and added back in.

Does Lumion 11 support ray tracing?

(Just to be sure nobody is misled by the title of this topic, I should clarify that there is no conventional raytracing functionality in Lumion.