Quick Answer: How do you use the line tool on Onshape?

How do you show Construction lines on Onshape?

Select the Construction tool and then a sketch tool to create construction geometry. Select sketch entities and then the Construction tool to toggle construction mode on and off.

How do you use the Onshape tool?

To project or convert an edge, edges, and silhouettes of a part, or sketch onto the active sketch plane, create a new sketch, select the plane that you wish to use, then click the Use (project/convert) sketch tool on the sketch toolbar. You can now select the lines that appear based on the plane.

Can you extrude lines in Onshape?

Use Extrude to create parts or surfaces. This video will show you how to use the Extrude feature tool on the sketch or feature toolbar. … Click the Extrude tool, select the sketch rectangles, and then use the orange arrow to add depth to the sketch.

How do you create a part in Onshape?

Creating a part when the Sketch dialog is open

  1. With an existing sketch in the graphics area and the sketch dialog active, click Extrude . Onshape automatically selects all regions (enclosed areas that are shaded gray). …
  2. Make adjustments in the defaults, if desired, including: …
  3. Click the check mark to accept the feature.
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How do you extrude an Onshape surface?


  1. Create a sketch with the shape that you want on a plane. This plane needs to be above your part.
  2. Extrude Remove the sketch Up To the face of your part. While in the extrude menu, press the offset button to offset the extrude into your shape.

How do you hide lines in Solidworks drawing?

To hide or show edges in a drawing:

  1. Click Hide/Show Edges. …
  2. Select the edges to hide (you can select edges individually, or use box selection), then click . …
  3. To show edges, click Hide/Show Edges. …
  4. Select the hidden edges highlighted in orange, (you can select edges individually, or use box selection), then click .

How do I delete a construction line in Solidworks?

To delete all construction lines, click Geometry > Delete All. 2. To delete selected construction lines, select the lines to delete, right-click choose Delete from the shortcut menu, or press DELETE.

How do you unhide Onshape?

It is very simple, you just select all the instances (you can help yourself for this by holding down the shift key). Then right click on any of the selected instances to select Hide/Show. Or use the Y key.