Quick Answer: How do you separate sketches in Solidworks?

How do you separate features in SolidWorks?

Split and Save Bodies

  1. Click Split (Features toolbar) or Insert > Features > Split.
  2. In the PropertyManager, set the options. …
  3. Under Resulting Bodies, select the bodies to save under , or click Auto-assign Names. …
  4. Double-click the body name under File, type a name for the new part in the dialog box, then click Save.

How do I extract a sketch in SolidWorks?

To extract auxiliary sketches:

  1. While editing a sketch, select the sketch entities that make up the auxiliary view.
  2. Hold Ctrl and select a line in another view to specify the angle of the auxiliary view.
  3. Click Auxiliary Sketch (2D to 3D toolbar), or click Tools > Sketch Tools > 2D to 3D > Auxiliary.

What does split do in SolidWorks?

Use the Split feature to create multiple parts from an existing part. You can create separate part files, and form an assembly from the new parts. You can split one or more solid or surface bodies.

How do you split a face in SolidWorks?

To split a face by projecting a new sketch:

  1. In the Fixture or an External Loads PropertyManager, select the Split tab.
  2. Under Type of Split: Select Sketch. …
  3. When you finish sketching, click Exit Sketch. …
  4. For Other Faces to Split , select the faces to project the sketch onto.
  5. Optionally, select either: …
  6. Click Create Split.
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Can you split a spline in Solidworks?

Use two split points to split a circle, full ellipse, or a closed spline. You can dimension to a split point. Also, you can insert parts at split points in a routing assembly. Search ‘Split Entities’ in the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base.

How do I get my toolbar back in Solidworks?

To display SOLIDWORKS toolbars:

  1. Right-click in the window border and select or clear a toolbar name.
  2. Click Tools > Customize. On the Toolbars tab, select the toolbars to display.

How do you cut a circle in half in Solidworks?

Select trim tool and click on “trim to closest”. Than click on the left or right side of the circle (directly to the line) to get a half circle. Click on the green button on the top right to confirm trimming.

What does the split line feature do quizlet?

The split line option can be used to “divide” a surface into two or more surfaces. Several surfaces can be lofted together to form a solid feature. Surfaces cannot be moved or copied into a part document.

Can you save a sketch in SOLIDWORKS?

Saving a Sketch to a Block File

To save a sketch to a block file: Create a sketch. Click Save Sketch as Block (Blocks toolbar) or Tools > Blocks > Save .