Quick Answer: How do you create a subassembly in Solidworks?

How do you create a subassembly?

To create a subassembly from a polyline

  1. Create the desired polyline shape in the drawing.
  2. Click Home tab Create Design panel Create Subassembly From Polyline Find.
  3. Click the polyline object in the drawing and press Enter.
  4. In the Create Assembly dialog box, for Name, enter a name for the subassembly.

What is a subassembly solidworks?

When an assembly is a component of another assembly, it is referred to as a subassembly. You can nest subassemblies in multiple levels, to reflect the hierarchy of your design. Opening a Subassembly in a Separate Window.

How do you save a subassembly in Solidworks?

With your top level assembly open, left click on a sub-assembly that you would like to save as a part and chose Open Subassembly. 2. With the sub-assembly open click File, Save as. Chose the option to Save as when prompted.

Can you assemble assemblies in Solidworks?

You can assemble the SolidWorks part or assembly as a non-Creo model in the existing assembly by default. You must explicitly select Import to import and assemble the part or assembly in the existing assembly.

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How do I create a subassembly in AutoCAD?

To insert a subassembly from a tool palette

  1. Display the Tool Palettes window. Click Home tab Palettes panel Tool Palettes Find.
  2. On the Tool Palettes window, click the desired subassembly.
  3. Do one of the following: To add the subassembly to an assembly, select a marker point on an assembly in the drawing.

How do you make a PKT?

Alternatively you can create PKT files from any Country Kit delivered (sub)assemblies:

  1. Install a Civil 3D Country Kit.
  2. Navigate to C:ProgramDataAutodeskC3D 20xxenuImported Tools and open a folder of the desired assembly.
  3. Select the files with extensions . atc, . cfg, . …
  4. Rename the . zip file to .

How do you explode a subassembly in Solidworks?

To use an exploded view from a subassembly:

  1. In an assembly, select a subassembly that has an exploded view.
  2. In the PropertyManager, click Reuse Subassembly Explode. The subassembly explodes in the graphics area, and the steps of the exploded view from the subassembly appear under Explode Steps.

How do you make a subassembly flexible?

Making a Subassembly Flexible

To make a subassembly flexible: Click a subassembly in the FeatureManager design tree and select Component Properties . In the dialog box, under Solve as, select Flexible, then click OK.

How do you dissolve a subassembly in Solidworks?

In the FeatureManager design tree, right-click a subassembly or Ctrl + select multiple assemblies and select Dissolve Subassembly. You can also select the subassembly icon and click Edit > Dissolve Assembly. The components become components of the immediate parent assembly, and the subassembly is removed.

How do you use Defeature in Solidworks?

To use the Defeature tool:

  1. Click Defeature (Tools toolbar) or Tools > Defeature. The PropertyManager has multiple pages. …
  2. Specify options in the PropertyManager. Click Next and Back to move between pages.
  3. On the Feature Removal Complete page, click . The Defeature options are saved in the original model.
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How do I convert assembly to part in Solidworks?

To save an assembly as a part, we use the File > Save As command. After . sldprt file type is selected, three options appear in the Save As dialog: Exterior faces – saved part includes external faces only, all bodies being surfaces.

How do you split an assembly in Solidworks?

Split and Save Bodies

  1. Click Split (Features toolbar) or Insert > Features > Split.
  2. In the PropertyManager, set the options. …
  3. Under Resulting Bodies, select the bodies to save under , or click Auto-assign Names. …
  4. Double-click the body name under File, type a name for the new part in the dialog box, then click Save.