Quick Answer: How do I stretch in archicad?

How do I Stretch multiple elements in ArchiCAD?

Define a stretch vector: with the Marquee tool active, click on a node or endpoint inside the Marquee area, then click on a second point. Alternatively, choose the Edit > Reshape > Stretch command, and then define the stretch vector by clicking any two different points.

How do you scale One direction in ArchiCAD?

Re: Scale in one direction

  1. save the elevation as an object.
  2. place that object.
  3. make sure the X and Y parameters are unlinked.
  4. change the X parameter to be smaller.

How do I extend the height of my walls in archicad?

Click on the end of the wall, drag your mouse to extend the wall and enter in the value you want the wall. If you wish to add on current wall length, press “d” and then type in the extra distance.

How do you split walls in archicad?

To do this:

  1. Select the Object you wish to Split.
  2. From the ARCHICAD menu, choose Cadimage Tools > Objective > Tools > Split.
  3. Click a point to define the start point of the Split axis (Item 1 in the image below)
  4. Click a second point to define the end point of the Split axis (Item 2 in the image below)

How do I adjust in archicad?

Choose the Edit > Reshape > Adjust command. 3. Draw a line segment, or click an existing line, wall, polygon edge or arc/circle. The endpoints of the selected walls and lines will be adjusted (lengthened or shortened) to meet the drawn or clicked line or curve.

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How do I mirror in archicad?

To Drag, Rotate, or Mirror one copy of an element, select the element and choose the desired command from the Edit > Move menu or the context menu. Another way is to choose the plain Drag/Rotate/Mirror command from the pet palette, then press Ctrl (Windows) or Alt/Opt (MacOS).

How do you stretch a morph?

Use this command from the pet palette of a selected Morph, to stretch the entire Morph by its bounding box.

  1. Select a Morph.
  2. From the pet palette, choose the Box Stretch command.
  3. Click on an edge, face or node of the bounding box.
  4. Choose one of these three stretch varieties: Stretch, Stretch from Center, or Skew.