Quick Answer: How do I constrain in SketchUp?

How do I constrain Axis in SketchUp?

Tip: To lock an inference to an axis as you move, hold down the Shift key when the move line turns the color of your desired axis. Or hold down the up arrow key to lock your move to the blue axis, the left arrow to lock your move to the green axis, or right arrow to lock the move to the red axis.

How do you set a limit in SketchUp?

Setting the Units in SketchUp

  1. In SketchUp, open the Window menu and select the Model Info option.
  2. In the Model Info dialog box, select your units from the two menus next to Format. …
  3. You can then set your units in the Drawing Units dialog box.

How do you break in SketchUp?

How to cut your SketchUp model

  1. Select the group you want to cut and make a new group around it. …
  2. Working inside the new group, create geometry in the shape of the cut you want to make. …
  3. When you’re done placing cuts, make the new geometry into its own group.

What is auto fold in SketchUp?

Autofold is part of the move tool and allows you to manipulate surfaces and create automatic folding edges in SketchUp.

How do you scale a dynamic component in SketchUp?

PRO This is a Pro only feature.

  1. Context-click on the component. …
  2. Select the Dynamic Components > Component Attributes menu item. …
  3. Click the + button next to the component’s name. …
  4. Click on the add attribute button in the last row of the attributes list. …
  5. Click on the Scale tool attribute in the list.
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Why is push pull not working SketchUp?

This typically occurs when the objects to be extruded are apart of a Component or Group. If your object is in a Group/Component, you cannot Push/Pull it as one Group/Component. However, you can double-click the Group/Component to edit it, then select a surface to push/pull.