Quick Answer: How do I change the right click menu in AutoCAD?

How do I change right-click in AutoCAD?

Changing mouse right-click behavior as pressing Enter in AutoCAD

  1. Go to Options > User Preferences.
  2. Click ‘Right-click Customization…’ under Windows Standard Behavior.
  3. Under Command Mode, check ENTER.
  4. Click Apply & Close.

How do I change the shortcut menu in AutoCAD?

In the Customize tab, Customizations In <file name> pane, right-click the Shortcut Menus node. Click New Shortcut Menu.

How do I edit a menu in AutoCAD?

Click the name of the toolbar to display. Right-click over any toolbar button. Click Customize. In the Customize tab, Command List pane, drag the command you want to add and drop it onto a toolbar displayed in the application window.

How do I change mouse settings in AutoCAD?

In the Customize tab, Customizations In <file name> pane, click the plus sign (+) next to the Mouse Buttons node to expand the list. Right-click a mouse button section. Click New Button. A new mouse button (named Button n) is placed at the bottom of the selected list.

What does right click do in AutoCAD?

Controls whether right-clicking in the drawing area displays a shortcut menu or has the same effect as pressing Enter. If you are accustomed to using the right-click method for Enter while a command is active, you might prefer to disable Command shortcut menus from this dialog box.


How do I reset AutoCAD to default settings?

From the AutoCAD menu, click Preferences. In Preferences, click the Application tab. Click the Reset Application Options button. Click Reset AutoCAD.

How do you add commands to the right-click menu in Autocad?

Set Right-click Behavior Based on Location

  1. Click Application menu Options.
  2. To control Default, Edit, and Command shortcut menus individually, select Right-Click Customization.

Where is the shortcut menu in Autocad?

Right-click an object or area in your drawing or a button on a menu or ribbon. On some pointing devices, you might need to press the equivalent button. A shortcut menu relevant to the cursor location is displayed.

Where is the Modify menu AutoCAD?

At the top-left of the application window, on the right end of the Quick Access toolbar, click the drop-down menu Show Menu Bar. At the Command prompt, enter MENUBAR. Enter 1 to display the menu bar.

How do I reset the menu bar in AutoCAD?

Select or reset the current workspace

  1. On the Status bar, click the drop-down arrow next to the Workspace gear icon.
  2. Select a workspace or switch to a different one.
  3. If needed, switch back to the desired workspace. The act of changing workspaces and back can restore it.

What is pull-down menu in AutoCAD?

Pull-down menus are displayed as a list under a menu bar or as part of the menu browser. Shortcut menus (also called context menus) are displayed at or near the crosshairs or cursor when you right-click in the drawing window, text window, command window, in toolbar areas, or the ribbon.

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