Question: What files can be edited in Fusion 360?

What type of files can be opened in Fusion 360?

Inserting STL, OBJ, DXF, and SVG Files into existing files:

To insert an STL, OBJ, DXF, or, SVG file into an existing Fusion 360 file, use the insert command in the toolbar.

Can you modify STL files in Fusion 360?

To edit the model using the Mesh workspace, right-click on the name of the mesh body in the left-hand menu and hit “Edit”. This can also be done by right-clicking at the yellow mesh icon located in the design history timeline.

Can Fusion 360 Open FBX files?

From the Fusion 360 project side bar, click Open Details on Web. On the Autodesk 360 page, open the Export dropdown and choose a supported format such as FBX, OBJ, or IGES. FBX is currently the best solution as it will preserve material settings.

Can Fusion 360 Import Sketchup files?

Sketchup data will import as mesh data. So it is not solids which means you need to remodel the designs in Fusion 360. You can use the Sketch up data as a visual helper but there is not a magic “make solid” button yet.

Are STL files editable?

Can You Edit & Modify an STL File? You can definitely edit and modify STL files, and it can be done using two different types of modeling software: CAD (Computer-Aided Design) Software. Mesh Editing Tools.

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What program can edit STL files?

7 Free STL Editors: How to Edit & Repair STL Files

  • Tinkercad.
  • FreeCAD.
  • Blender.
  • MeshMixer.
  • MeshLab.
  • 3D Slash.
  • SculptGL.

What are Fusion 360 documents?

Fusion 360 is a cloud data management product. All files that are saved in Fusion 360 are stored in the cloud, which can be accessed by visiting Fusion Team. For missing files, see Projects, folders, or files are missing from Fusion 360. The Data Panel is where all data can be found within the Fusion application.

What is a project in Fusion 360?

In Fusion 360, a project is a shared workspace for teams of people working together on a project to store, organize, and manage all related design data. Projects let you control who has access to specific design data.

Does Fusion 360 support Sldprt?

It has been pointed out by others here that Grabcad ( will translate . sldprt to STEP, which is supported by the Personal license in Fusion.