Question: How do you assemble parts on Onshape?

Can you animate movement in an Onshape Assembly?

You can animate one mate at a time. Right-click the mate in question and select Animate.

What is an assembly in CAD?

An assembly is an AutoCAD Civil 3D drawing object (AECCAssembly) that manages a collection of subassembly objects. Together, assemblies and subassemblies function as the basic building blocks of a roadway or other alignment-based design.

How do you animate a mate on Onshape?

Right-click on a mate or mate indicator and select Animate. Animate works with only one degree of freedom at a time, so if the Mate has more than one, you are prompted to select one.

What are the basic steps of assembly Modelling?

For this tutorial, I will be modeling a water bottle consisting of two parts; the bottle and the lid.

  • Step 1: Starting a Part File. …
  • Step 2: Make a Sketch of the Bottle. …
  • Step 3: Extrude the Part. …
  • Step 4: Shell Out the Bottle. …
  • Step 5: Adding Fillets. …
  • Step 6: Making the Cap. …
  • Step 7: Making an Assembly. …
  • Step 8: Using Apearances.

What is the purpose of assembly drawing?

An assembly drawing shows an assembly of parts and specifies how the whole component is assembled. The drawing should show the finished product with all the parts assembled in their correct relative positions. This is done by producing the drawing in such a way as to show how adjacent parts fit together.

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What is the file extension of assembly Modelling?

Brep vs Visrep

Software Extensions Notes
Autodesk Filmbox Format .FBX Primarily used for exporting mesh, material and animation data to game engines.
CADKEY File .PRT, .CKD CADKEY is now known as KeyCreator.
CATIA V4 Part & Assembly Files .MODEL .MODEL files can represent both parts and assemblies.